Parent Tot Class Lesson 5a


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This is the fifth and final session of a parent tot group class. Each child has come a long way to become comfortable in the water.

Watch, in this video, how the parents follow Mr. Ed’s recommendations of starting off by taking control. By using the Rainbucket and taking the child underwater, the parent is asserting their control over the situation and the children flourish under this kind of guidance. When the parent is comfortable, the child is just as comfortable in the water.

Used in this lesson are the Mini Play Boards and the Swim Bars (or Barbells), which are extremely helpful in establishing the horizontal position in swimming as well as building endurance in kicking. Watch how these children kick enthusiastically towards small animal toys that are dispersed throughout the pool.

Watch as Mr. Ed leads the warm ups, which are used in this lesson as exercises to get the children to take direction and get them acclimated to the water, as well as for the parents to take control. The parents then take the children into the water or have the children come into the water of their own accord.

Watch how Mr. Ed directs the parents on how to perform the arm stroke drill, or the “Micheal Phelps Drill”. This drill is important in that it “patterns”  the arm stroke movements so that the children can pick it up easier in the future. Patterning is important to helping the child’s brain connect the neurons needed to learn the motions of swimming.

The video demonstrates the use of Circle Songs! Circle songs are a fun way for both child and parent to enjoy the water by pairing exercises in the water with commonly known songs.  We see how Mr. Ed leads the parents in this fun exercise singing “Pop goes the weasel,” “Ring around a Rosy,” “In and Out,” and “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean”.  The children clap their hands, smile, and laugh. They really love the water now!

The ramp is used for children to jump off and swim to either their parent or a Barbell. Watch how Mr. Ed leads eager children down the ramp and into the water.  Each child has now has made incredible progress that can be seen in this final session, and shows that this program is an effective introduction for young children to the water!



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